The Company
Mzansi Web Hosting is a privately owned web hosting company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We enable individuals and businesses to acquire and create their unique identities and brands on the internet by offering domain registration, web hosting, SSL certificates and complimentary products and services. Our mission is to give our valued customers outstanding support and reliable hosting with many features at an affordable price.

This company was formed in June 2007 by two frustrated web developers who just simply couldn't find any good hosting options on the Internet. When this company was formed, it combined 2 reseller accounts from 2 different providers and brought close to 30 accounts together onto one dedicated server. Very quickly, Mzansi Web Hosting then began learning what web hosting actually was. Now with more than 1500 web sites behind us and years of experience, Mzansi Web Hosting has become a world-class hosting provider that is here to stay.

Through the years, we've been faced with many challenges which we have always overcome with great excellence, including the building of our own state-of-the-art data-center facility and re-inventing our company through the development of our own in-house automated support system and the re-launch of the new Mzansi Web Hosting web presence in July of 2007. The founders have invested thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of Rands into this new phase of Mzansi Web Hosting. We are very excited to be where we are, and we are further excited to see where we will go in the future.

Our goals are simple and can be phrased simply: We aim to inspire change in the way people think about hosting.